Matcha Frappé

 This Matcha Frappé made with nicecream is a simple, healthy breakfast or snack that will give you energy! 🍵 Made with whole ingredients, this sweet and creamy drink is a great way to sneak in some veggies!⁠ 

1/4 cup hot water⁠
1 tablespoon matcha powder ⁠
1 cup frozen non-dairy milk ice cubes (makes for a less watery drink)⁠
1 1/2 cup non-dairy milk⁠
1 teaspoon vanilla extract⁠
3 scoops banana nicecream⁠
1 tbsp maple syrup⁠
1/2 cup cubed frozen zucchini⁠
coconut whipped cream to serve⁠ ⁠

1. Prepare your matcha by whisking together matcha powder and hot water until no clumps remain.
2. In a high power blender, add non-dairy milk ice cubes, frozen zucchini, non-dairy milk, whisked matcha, vanilla and Banana Nicecream. Blend until chunks are broken down and you are left with an even texture. ⁠
3. Pour into glasses and top with vegan whipped coconut whipped cream.⁠

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