Nicecream Tiramisu Parfait

Vegan tiramisu is so flavourful that you won't regret giving it a try. We've given it our Nicecream twist and we can't wait for you guys to try this!
Vanilla Cake
A pan of vanilla cake
1/2 cup espresso or coffee, room temperature
Chocolate Sauce
2 cups of vegan chocolate chips
2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
Cream Filling
Banana Nicecream
Vanilla Cake
1. Bake your favourite vanilla cake recipe or make boxed vanilla cake.
2. Once done, remove from oven, leave it in the pan and pour the espresso or coffee over the entire cake. Let the cake cool in the pan and let it absorb the coffee.
Chocolate Sauce
1. Melt coconut oil & chocolate chips in a bowl using double boiler method.
2. OR Microwave for increments of 15 seconds, then whisk and repeat until melted.
Cream Filling
1. Soften the Banana Nicecream pint, let it sit out for 5-15 mins or remove the lid and microwave for 15secs.
Tiramisu Steps:
1. Using the cups, cut out the cake shape for the bottom layer
2. Top that with Banana Nicecream and drizzle the chocolate sauce on top of that.
3. Repeat process until you’ve reached the top of the glass.
4. Top Tiramisu with coconut whipped cream, cocoa or cacao powder and dairy free chocolate chips (optional).

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