Snickers Nicecream Bars

Our vegan snickers Nicecream tastes just as delicious as it looks!
Sweet, creamy, crunchy and a lightened up version of decadent treat.
Ingredients :
2 pints Banana Nicecream
4 pitted dates
1 tablespoon peanut butter
Toppings: chocolate sauce, peanuts, cocoa nibs and peanut butter (adjust to your liking)
Instructions :
1. Allow Nicecream to sit for 10 minutes
2. Scoop Nicecream into bowl and add peanut butter.
3. Mix and put into freezer to settle.
4. Put dates into food processor and pulse into a paste
5. Take our Nicecream and top with paste and layer chocolate sauce, peanuts cocoa nibs and peanut butter.
6. Eat and hide any leftovers from friends and family.

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