Vegan Banana Split

Healthy Banana Split! No joke, you can even whip this up for breakfast! Perfect for the long weekend, this recipe is completely plant based, healthy, and made almost entirely from fruit! Oh, and don't forget - DELICIOUS!
1 banana⁠
1 pint Strawberry Banana Nicecream⁠
2 tbsp dairy-free chocolate chips, melted⁠ 1 tbsp all-fruit strawberry jam⁠
1 tsp granola (or toasted oats)⁠
1 tsp almonds⁠ Coconut whipped cream Cherries⁠

1. Peel 1 bananas and cut in half lengthwise. Place banana halves in a shallow bowl.
2. Top with Nicecream and layer with remaining jam, chocolate, granola and chopped nuts. 3. Top each scoop with coconut whipped cream and cherries. Serve immediately.⁠

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